Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cranberry - Meyer Lemon and Ginger Pickle

Cranberry - 2 bags (24oz)
Meyer Lemon - 6  (Here is an article about Meyer lemon)
Ginger - 1/2 cup, peeled and chopped into bite size pieces
Mustard seeds - 2 tsp
Asafoetida - 1 tsp
Red chili powder - 1 1/2 - 2 TBSP or to taste
Roasted fenugreek powder - 1 tsp (dry roast fenugreek seeds in a pan until dark brown and fragrant)
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Sesame oil - 1/2 cup
Curry leaves - 1 to 2 springs
Salt - 3 to 4 tsp or to taste

  1. Wash and dry the cranberries.  Discard soft, discolored or shriveled cranberries.
  2. Wash the meyer lemon and pat dry.  Cut into half and remove seeds.  Then cut into 8 pieces or smaller.
  3. Heat sesame oil in a large sauce pan.  Add the mustard seeds and let it splutter.
  4. Add curry leaves and chopped ginger.  Fry for a minute.
  5. Add the cut lemon pieces, turmeric powder and 1 tsp of salt.  Cook for 10 minutes until lemon becomes soft.
  6. Now add the cranberries, red chili powder and salt.  Mix well.
  7. Cook on low flame until the cranberries are soft and mushy.  Keep stirring occasionally.
  8. Once cooked, oil will start to float on top and sides.  At this stage switch off the flame.
  9. Add 1 tsp roasted fenugreek powder and mix well.
  10. Let it cool completely.  Store in a clean, dry glass jar.
  11. Refrigerate and use a dry spoon when serving.

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