Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pumpkin and Green Pepper Curry with Fennel Seeds

Nutrition and Heatlth benefits:

Pumpkin - is very rich in carotenoids, which is known for keeping the immune system of an individual strong and healthy.  Zinc found in pumpkins boosts the immune system and also improves the bone density.  High in vitamins A, C and E. It is very low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.  It is also good for loosing weight.  Did You Know that pumpkins are actually fruits and they are 90% water.

Green peppers -  are an incredible source of vitamin C.  One medium green pepper has 95.7 mg of vitamin C,which is even more than the 65.5 mg found in a medium-sized orange.  I was surprised to find out that green peppers also contain the healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  One medium green pepper has 64.3 mg of omega-6 fatty acids and 9.5 mg of omega-3 fatty acids.

Fennel Seeds - These seeds are very rich in minerals including magnesium.  Fennel seeds often provide quick and effective relief from many digestive disorders.  In India, these are routinely chewed upon after meals to aid in digestion after a rich meal while acting as a herbal mouth freshener.

Today's recipe is simple, easy to make and very flavorful.

Yellow pumpkin - 1cup (cut into big chunks)
Green Pepper (Bell pepper)  - 1 meduim size ( cut into thick strips)
Green chillies - 2 sliced
Fennel seed - 2 tsp
(சோம்பு / Sompu / Badesoppu / Saunf)
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Few curry leaves
Salt - to taste
Oil - 2 tsp

Heat oil in a skillet and add mustard seeds and let it pop. Add urad dal, fennel seeds and green chillies.  Fry until golden brown.  Add the curry leaves.  Now add the green pepper and mix it well.  Cover it and cook for 2 minutes.  Do not over cook.  Now add the pumpkin and salt.  Cover the skillet and cook until the pumpkin is tender.  When you are mixing, try not mush the vegetables. It takes only 10 minutes to cook this dish.

This goes to Siri's JFI Fennel event.  The event was originally launched by Indira of Mahanandi
I am thrilled to participate in this event for the first time.


  1. Great color combination, good info about veggies too.

  2. it looks very colorful and they must taste great.. I love fennel seeds, they give a great flavor to the dish....

  3. I love the color of the curry - very vibrant :) Thanks for sending this as entry to JFI.

  4. The combo of veggie is new and very bright ! Sounds yummy!

  5. Interesting combo...and this is one of my most fav color combo :D
    You have a creative space here...

  6. Hi Lata,

    Awesome site and nice recipes. Looking for more recipes.

  7. I've not cooked much with yellow pumpkins bcos of their sweetness but their health benefits and this yummy curry makes me want to try

  8. Thank you all for your comments.

    @Laavanya: the green chillies in the dish balances the sweetness of the pumpkin.

  9. Made this veggie today.. "yummy" was the comment from friends and family...thanks Latha

  10. Latha, I made this curry yesterday .We all liked it.


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